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Yoni Steaming🌿🌱 (Vaginal Steaming Herbs) 1oz Brown Baggie
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Yoni Steaming🌿🌱 (Vaginal Steaming Herbs) 1oz Brown Baggie

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Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent tissues on the female body. Steaming your vagina over a pot of warm herbs can help the body create an environment where vaginal problems can't thrive. Our vaginal tissues soak up all the medicinal properties released by the herbs used to cleanse and restore balance to the vaginas Ph level. 

🌱Vaginal Steaming Herbs "Yoni Steam"🌱

There does not have to be anything wrong with your vagina for you to want to steam and pamper her.

*Meditation while steaming helps open up your Sacral Chakra and you're able to manifest spirituality, mentally and physically.

If you do suffer from painful menstrual cramps, fibroids, yeast infections, bacterial infections, ovarian cysts or dryness I have the perfect steam for you.
If you have had a miscarriage or even an abortion and want to help your body heal itself, try out my "Organic Yoni Steams" and you won't be disappointed 🌱🌾

Ingredients: Sage, Damiana, Hops, Rose Petals and more...